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Bryholm Kunststofftechnik has specialised in the production of round packaging buckets. This geometric shape offers the smallest surface area in relation to volume compared to, for example, rectangular or oval packaging. This means that less material has to be used, which minimises weight, energy and therefore cost per package.

Also in the design of the buckets, an attempt is made to find an optimum in stability and stackability of the filled containers and the raw material used.


Depending on the area of application and requirements, most buckets can be supplied with curved profile handles, flexible band handles or, according to customer requirements, with metal handles. In addition to almost 30 standard colours, we are also happy to adapt to customer wishes in terms of colouring with special colours. Customer-specific decoration with IML technology or different printing processes enable a unique product design with high recognition value. Several lid variants enable a variety of applications, e.g. sealing of buckets, hot or cold filling, degassing or the assembly of pump systems. Pails are all provided with a tamper-evident closure which shows whether the pail has ever been opened after filling and closing.

Bowls, trays and tins round off the product range that we manufacture using injection moulding. Bowls are particularly popular in the animal feed industry, e.g. for filling with minerals or salts. Trays, some with lids and sealable, are suitable for packaging in both the food and non-food sectors.