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On our blow moulding machines we can produce hollow bodies from approx. 200 ml to 5,000 ml from HDPE. Typical products are canisters with different closure necks and volumes for the non-food and food industry. The closures are not produced by BKT but can be purchased from different suppliers suitable for the respective application.

Canisters e.g. for soaps and other pasty or liquid substances, sprinkling cans with integrated handle for e.g. fertilizer, de-icing salt or animal feed as well as bottles for various applications and ingredients complete our blow molding program. The products can be dyed in any colour.


When transporting certain dangerous goods, the packaging containers must have UN approval. This approval was issued in 2018 for a first 4l bottle from BKT by a recognized testing institute. BKT now ensures that during serial production the defined specifications of the design are met and that the packaging is manufactured and tested according to the quality assurance program.



For years, the standard program at BKT has included the 5l light canisters. They can be equipped with necks for different closures upon customer request. The dimensions of the newly developed light canister have been designed in such a way that it can be easily filled on all common filling lines, has a large and stable handle and a small surrounding edge protects the labelling area..


The floor and walls were designed in such a way that optimum stability could be achieved with minimum weight.


Our main products include wide neck bottles for various applications. The typical volumes are 3 litres and 4 litres capacity. They can be equipped with different necks and closures. These include screw caps of various diameters – with and without sealing inserts – snap-on caps and sprinkling caps.


Both the cans and the lids can be produced in any colour.

The product range also includes a sprinkling can. Here a handy handle is integrated into the body of the can. The closure can be realized either by a tight-fitting snap-on lid or a special sprinkling lid with a sealing cap. The capacity of this jug is about 3l.



The bottle program is handled in cooperation with our distribution partners. They provide the forming moulds and BKT does not exclusively produce the products. Within the bottle program “Primo” different volumes from 1.500 ml up to 5.000 ml can be blown. For a 4.000 ml bottle with handle we also have UN approval.


An Ad-Blue bottle with an inserted filling hose can also be produced as part of this program.