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In recent years, Bryholm Kunststofftechnik has invested considerable sums in a sustainable corporate future. This includes acquisitions in the logistics area and a new concept for warehouse management with high-bay warehouses, as well as the increased integration of external logistics partners and their storage capacities. Other investments aim to conserve resources and reduce energy costs. To this end, the lighting systems were converted to LED and special attention was paid to optimal energy utilization in machinery and equipment investments, e.g. via fully electric machines as opposed to hydraulic units or frequency-controlled pumps and compressors. In the meantime, 3 fully electric injection moulding machines between 100 and 250t clamping force and one fully electric blow moulding machine are in operation. A further investment focus is on automation. Here, robots and automatic machines for a wide variety of handling operations (e.g. for removal and stacking, bucket hanger assembly, product alignment, etc.) have been purchased and integrated into the production process. This also involved an expansion of the IML capacities by adding another IML robot. These automations lead to productivity increases and improvements in work safety. These measures also resulted in a significant increase in hygiene standards. The final area of investment is the expansion of the product range and ensuring a high-quality tool stock. In recent years, additional tools of identical design have been purchased for the most important products in order to expand production capacities and to ensure sustained readiness for delivery, even in the event of failure or repair of individual tools. Further automation and the company’s growth also made it necessary to increase the number of staff, both in terms of quality and quantity. Thus, the areas of technology/maintenance and quality control were expanded and in some cases newly staffed. In the current economic environment, it remains a great challenge to produce quality products 7 days a week in 3-shift operation with qualified employees as a medium-sized company.