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BKT is committed to protecting the environment and conserving resources. Therefore we prepare our own material from the production processes and can reuse it. In non-food applications, regranulates can also be used in coordination with our customers. Here we work together with renowned manufacturers who can provide us with regranulates whose physical properties make it possible to manufacture our thin-walled packaging products.

But sustainability thinking at BKT goes even further. We actively approach our customers in an effort to reduce the amount of packaging material used in the delivery of our products. Wherever possible and acceptable from a hygienic point of view, we avoid additional packaging (usually plastic bags and/or cardboard boxes). For decades we have been using the waste heat from our production processes to heat our administration and office building. Fossil fuels are not used on site.

Through consistent questioning and targeted investment, we have been able to significantly reduce the specific energy consumption in production. The most important measures include the modern lighting concept with LEDs, the use of frequency-controlled pumps and generators, reactive current compensation and, above all, investment in fully electric or hybrid injection and blow moulding systems. These modern, state-of-the-art machines no longer operate with hydraulic pumps but are driven fully electrically. During operation and depending on the product geometry to be produced, energy savings of 30 – 40% are possible.

To save resources, we also consistently recycle our own plastic waste. Process-related waste is unavoidable in both injection moulding and blow moulding. This waste is either shredded directly at the production machine and immediately returned to the running production as regrind or collected centrally, sorted by colour and reused after grinding in the plastic mill.